Welcome to the UpstART 200 Project Submission site! 

Please fill out the submission form completely, including your contact information, project description, inspirational artifact(s) and any digital pictures, links or files that would support your project's display in the online archive throughout the U-M Bicentennial year.

All entries will be considered for inclusion in the final permanently curated online gallery and print publication, "Student and Alumni Reflections on the U-M Bicentennial, which will be completed Winter 2018.

To view the prompt archive, click here:

If you have any questions about the submission process, or anything else related to UpstART 200, please contact us at artsengine.umich.edu.

About The Project:  UpstART 200 is a yearlong creative production project for students and alumni to actively engage in meaningful connections to UM’s 200-year history via “making.” Students and alumni will be encouraged to create 200+ new works of all kinds – creative writing, spoken word, essays, visual arts, music, choreography, design, and technology –  as celebrate contemporary student art making on campus as well. These new works will be inspired by a newly created archive of prompts from an historic or culturally significant work of art, design or architecture held by, or otherwise connected to UM.
Student and alumni-generated response pieces will be collected and exhibited online through the University Library system throughout the Bicentennial period as well as at events and in exhibition spaces, with the best juried pieces curated permanently in a final print and digital publication, Student and Alumni Reflections from the U-M Bicentennial, Winter 2018.

UpstART 200